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Grant Henderson Tankers Septic Tank & Cesspool Services

What is a cesspool?
This is a single watertight sealed tank put in the ground which holds everything. As it has no outlet it requires to be emptied by a road tanker usually every few weeks.

What is a septic tank?
A septic tank has two or three chambers that retain sewage for a sufficient time to allow it to form into sludge at the base of the tank where it is broken down. The remaining liquid then drains through an outlet pipe.

What is a cesspit?
A cesspit works in the same way as a septic tank except that it only has one chamber. These types of tanks need to be serviced and de-sludged on a regular basis to ensure the system operates effectively. This operation needs to be carried out by an experienced waste disposal expert and should normally take place every 12 months.

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